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Coordinator Info

Thanks for helping out!!!

The following is a list of things coordinators probably want to do. The list is sort of long, but it really isn't that much to do. The biggest hassle is typing up the results, but that shouldn't take more than an hour or so. I apologize for typographical errors -- the generating of this list was somewhat rushed.

Things to bring

During the Event

  1. Registration
  2. Start riders.
  3. Go to finish.
  4. Take times -- write down rider number, time, and if there is time, a word or two describing the bike or the jersey in case the number was incorrect.
  5. Check that all riders have one and only one finishing time. It is good to check riders off from the registration list during lulls in the finishing activity.
  6. After the Event

    1. Type the results: The results are needed in tabular form. The format is very important. Tables are needed as follows:
      1. New Teams: This list describes teams which have not participated in any previous Hillclimbs. The membership isn't needed -- that is taken care of in the week's registration list. The following example shows the format whoich should be used. No spaces should be found within fields, only between fields. Note the numbering begins with the integer one greater than the integer of the last team which registered prior to the current week. "url" is contact info on the web, if it exists. It can also be of the form "mailto:email-address@host". Don't worry if the columns don't line up nicely, as long as they are separated by spaces or tabs:
        	num     name                    url
        	15	Garden_City_Cyclists	-
        	16	Sunnyvale-Cupertino_CC	http://www.ncnca.org/sponsor.html
        	17	Mako-Silks		-
        	18	Genentech		-
        	19	Fremont_Freewheelers_BC	http://home.earthlink.net/~mpolakoff/
        	20	Saturn			http://www.saturncars.com/Mag/Cycling/	    
      2. New Categories: This is similar to the new teams table, except it is for categories. An example follows. Again, don't worry about pretty formatting -- the results program doesn't care, as long as columns are space or tab-separated.
        	num     name                    url
                46      recumbent               -
                47      fried                   -
                48      180lb+                  -
                49      just_make_it_to_the_top -
      3. New Riders: Same story as teams and cats, just different data. Remember, only riders who had never before this year done a Low-Key Hillclimb need be listed. Please, no spaces in names -- use "_" instead.
                num sex cat name             url
                21  F   11  Jaremizuh,Connie -
                22  M   6   Chung,Mark       -
                23  M   6   Pereira,Lucas    -
                24  M   6   Alafouzos,John   -
                25  F   10  Hackell,Stella   mailto:stella@apple,com
                26  M   5   Axelrod,Valery   -
                27  M   5   Begley,Brian     mailto:bbegley@MEM.po.com
      4. Weekly rider list: Finally, this is the list of those who participated in the week's event. The order doesn't matter, as long as everyone is listed; for example, you can just use the order in which riders registered if you so wish. Times should be in the format "hours:minutes:seconds" or "minutes:seconds" or even just "seconds". Seconds can have a decimal with fractional seconds, if you time to such accuracy. Remember to use numbers fr riders and teams, and not names!
                rider team time
                18    9    27:04
                11    8    27:37
                31    13   29:18
                36    16   29:44
                54    0    31:17
                70    5    31:55
                26    2    32:31
                29    12   32:35
                45    0    32:40
    2. Send results to djconnel@flash.net