Low-Key Hillclimb Credits

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Thanks to the following volunteers for making the 1997 Low-Key Hillclimbs possible!

John Alafouzos, Team Adventure
Rich Anderson, Team Adventure
Lisa Antonino, Bikeaholics
Patt Baenen, AV
Don Bennett, Bikeaholics
Damien Burnett, TNT
Mark and Mary Caragio, AV
Judy Colwell, ACTC
Tracy Colwell, AV
Lisa Curren, AV
John Emmel, Bikeaholics
Rich Herms, Team Adventure
Ken Hernandez, Valley Spokesmen
Bob Knight, Valley Spokesmen
Craig Lindberg, SCCC
Thomas Maslen, Bikeaholics
Jim McCoy, AV
Kathy Podgorski, AV
Craig Robertson, Bikeaholics
Paul Rocha, Valley Spokesmen
Michael Rowe, LGBRC
Rufus, ACTC
Ken Straub, Bikeaholics
Caroline E Stronck, AV
Todd Studenicka
Lynne Truong
Mr. Underwood
Rich Whipple, Valley Spokesmen
Art Wong, Valley Spokesmen
Peter Young, Valley Spokesmen

... and special thanks to Lucas Pereira, for his amazing hill profile data,
his spectacular collection of on-line photography,
and his dedicated participation in the series.

We appreciate their time, effort, and dedication to the Low-Key spirit!!!

The Low-Key Committee:
Kevin Winterfield, ClimbMaster
Giorgio Cosentino, ResultsMaster
Dan Connelly, WebMaster
Note: Thanks to Giorgio Cosentino for doing most of the weekly ride descriptions, providing valuable assistance with the pages in general, and for updating of weekly results!

Photo by Allsport