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2007 Low-Key Hillclimbs
Week 2: Kings Mountain
06 Oct 2007

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Aerial photo of Kings Mountain, courtesy of Stanford Cycling


OLH or Kings?

Everyone has a preference. It's a subtle difference. Sure, Kings is higher, with 1540 vertical feet in contrast to OLH's 1290. But Kings is at a slightly lower grade, 6.8% to OLH's slightly steeper 7.3%. Each is relatively steady. Neither is exceptionally challenging.

But the numbers fail to tell the story. The difference is in feel, in personality, in vibe. Climbs have personalities. Attitudes. If you haven't yet met them, you've got to ride them yourself. In 2006, you had your chance with OLH. This year, it's Kings' turn. Check it out. Then you, too, will have a favorite.

OLH or Kings?

Hard Heads

Our insurance demands it: helmets are required. Sorry kids, no exceptions!

Time and Place

We'll be reg/staging in the NE corner area of Alpine and Portola Roads

To mimimize congestion on Kings Mountain, we'll be sending you off in small 10-rider groups, separated by about 3 - 5 minutes At Greer Road, your start time will be recorded, and you're off!

More Details

stats 4.31 miles, 1540 ft, 6.8%
format small groups
time reg 9:15 - 10:00
start 10:10am
aerial view Stanford Cycling
route profile Lucas Pereira's profile
weather Weather Underground
Weather Bonk
PDF release form
entry fee $10
free for juniors
2 free for volunteers
free for coordinators


Dan Connelly