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2008 Low-Key Hillclimbs
Week 7: Metcalf Rd
15 Nov 2008

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The Metcalf Mauler; a 1.8 mile launching-pad custom made for the bulging quad, testosterone oozing, power mongers who would like nothing better than to trounce the skin and bones endurance climbers for a change. This road is short but relentless. It is Jamison minus the wimpy flat start. Oh, and minus the trees since it clings, butt naked, to the side of the cliffs; the only scenic vista here is an unobstructed view of the torment to come. Come prepared to max out your HRM and to peg your power meter; this road is too short to worry about lactate thresholds or functional power levels – if your ride doesn't end in cerebral apoplexy you weren't trying.

Metcalf was well described by Thomas Hobbes in his Leviathan: nasty, brutish, and short. A key feature on this year's Livestrong Ride led by Lance Armstrong, "The Metcalf Mauler" is a classic challenge for San Jose cyclists. There's nothing subtle about this one, start hard, ride hard, and finish hard. Who knows? Maybe Lance will show up for another shot at it.

Check out this inspiring shot of the climb, or even better, Phil Dubach's preview photos!

Hard Heads

Our insurance demands it: helmets are required. Sorry kids, no exceptions!

Time and Place

We'll meet at the bottom of Metcalf Road, not far from 101. Directions from 101 are here

The finish will be at the motorcycle park entrance, at the hill-top side so that we don't block the entrance. There used to be a line there that someone painted on the road. We plan to have the start at the Malech Rd intersection so that people will have a short flat to get clipped in and moving before the hill starts.

Public Transit

No luck on train options identified for this week.

More Details

stats 1.8 miles, 984 feet, 10.4%
format mass start
time reg 9:15 - 10:00
start 10:10am
aerial view Google Maps
route profile Motionbased profile
weather Weather Underground
Weather Bonk
PDF release form
entry fee $10 voluntary donation
free for juniors
2 free for volunteers
free for coordinators


Dan Connelly