Low-Key Hillclimbs Aggregate Results:
Alpine Fire Road

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2007, week 7 photo
2007 week 7: Team Blubber Busters ready for their podium assault

Results are listed here from the Low-Key archives, sorted by time for each climb. Some years start and/or finish time differ slightly, such as with Kings Mt Road where after 1995 the start moved from Entrance Way to Greer. Results are ranked by time first, score second. Score is calculated using a simple percent-of-median-speed formula, with time adjustments for division. These scores will generally differ from those calculated in the results for that particular year, since the scoring scheme has evolved. Tandems are split between 1998, when they were counted as single participants, and other years, when the individual riders have been counted separately

Results for Men

114:49124.184Clark Foy40+San Jose Bike Club20077
215:36117.949Justin LuckeVeganGoogle20077
316:04114.523Brian Edwards25+Hell Riders20077
416:19112.768Jeff Farnsworth50+San Jose Bike Club20077
516:28111.741Tim Clark35+Red Dragon20077
616:29111.628Ramon Alarcon35+San Jose Bike Club20077
716:39110.511Gary Gellin35+Alto Velo20077
816:45109.851Carl A. Nielson45+Wells Fargo Racing Team20077
917:12106.977John Walker40+Google20077
1017:49103.274Lucas Pereira5Google20077
1118:03101.939Dennis Pedersen45+Bike Trip/Symantec20077
1218:15100.822Daniel Connelly3TNT20077
1318:20100.364Steven Woo4LGBRC20077
1418:2899.639Michael Gonia40+Republic of Anaerobia20077
1518:4897.872Francis Cebedo5RoadBikeReview20077
1619:1195.917Martin Hyland50+Western Wheelers20077
1719:3793.798Michael Wright50+SRI20077
1820:1091.240Chad RosserTriathleteRepublic of Anaerobia20077
1920:4388.817Greg Dougald45+AV: Old Guys Finish20077
2021:1386.724Stephen Fong5Blubber Busters20077
2121:1986.317Tom Workman40+STVC20077
2222:4181.117Mark Valentino5San Jose Bike Club20077
2322:5380.408Dan SiehlSuperannuated BiochemistValley Presbyterian20077
2423:0779.596Richard Contreras20077
2525:1173.064Jorge ChangInfinityBlubber Busters20077
2625:2472.441Al Painter5Sport Velo20077
2725:5570.997Pete Jollymour620077
2827:2966.950Adam TowInfinityBlubber Busters20077

Results for Women

120:57105.945Holly Harris45+Tibco20077
221:33102.995Lucia Mokres4LGBRC20077