Low-Key Hillclimbs Aggregate Results:
Jamison Creek Rd

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2008, week 6 photo
2008 week 6: Howard Kvech gets ready for the upcoming sprint between Jennie Phillips and Dennis Pedersen (Josh Hadley photo)

Results are listed here from the Low-Key archives, sorted by time for each climb. Some years start and/or finish time differ slightly, such as with Kings Mt Road where after 1995 the start moved from Entrance Way to Greer. Results are ranked by time first, score second. Score is calculated using a simple percent-of-median-speed formula, with time adjustments for division. These scores will generally differ from those calculated in the results for that particular year, since the scoring scheme has evolved. Tandems are split between 1998, when they were counted as single participants, and other years, when the individual riders have been counted separately

Results for Hybrid Electric

114:0096.566Bill BushnellHybridLow-Key20086

Results for Men

118:18127.140Tim Clark35+Red Octane20086
218:42124.421Clark Foy40+San Jose Bike Club20086
319:13121.075Geoff Drake45+Bike Trip/Symantec20086
419:17120.657Thomas Novikoff2Cambio20086
519:32119.113Daniel Connelly3Low-Key20086
619:45117.806Mark Edwards45+Bike Trip/Symantec20086
719:50117.311Greg McQuaid35+San Jose Bike Club20086
820:29113.588Michael Barnes20086
920:42112.399Tom Gardin35+20086
1021:17109.319James PorterOut Of Shape DadsWestern Wheelers20086
1121:18109.233Carmelo Rios5Fighting Bobas20086
1221:30108.217Nils Tikkanen3Bike Trip/Symantec20086
1321:48106.728Joe Fabris45+Fighting Bobas20086
1421:57105.998Matt Werner45+Bike Trip/Symantec20086
1522:10104.962Ian Sowden20086
1622:16104.491Martin Hyland50+Western Wheelers20086
1722:26103.715Christian Paquet50+Doogie20086
1822:54101.601Scott Martin50+Bike Trip/Symantec20086
1923:05100.794Matt Wocasek4Bike Trip/Symantec20086
2023:06100.722Jim Langley50+Bike Trip/Symantec20086
2123:12100.287Tim Sawyer45+Bike Trip/Symantec20086
2223:16100.000QP Lin20086
2323:2199.643Larry Bruberg50+Bike Trip/Symantec20086
2423:4398.103Dennis Pedersen45+Bike Trip/Symantec20086
2523:4597.965Oscar Lomeli50+Bike Trip/Symantec20086
2623:5897.079Erik StromMud 'n' Crud20086
2724:1595.945Jonathan Walden20086
2824:2095.616Gary Griffin55+Bike Trip/Symantec20086
2924:4993.754Bruce Gardner35+Monta Vista Velo20086
3024:5093.691Paul Melville55+Doogie20086
3125:1092.450William von Kaenel40+LGBRC20086
3225:3191.182Chris Baker45+Bike Trip/Symantec20086
3326:1388.748Neal HermanSpike the Wonder Dog20086
3427:0086.173Matt Beadon30+Nvidia20086
3527:3784.249Jeff SwanSpike the Wonder Dog20086
3628:2282.021Christopher OlsonGoogle20086
3729:0779.908John Hostetler50+San Jose Bike Club20086
3829:0979.817Richard Contreras20086
3929:3378.737Patrick Callahan35+Western Wheelers20086
4030:0077.556Barry Burr45+One Leg to Stand On20086
4130:3276.201Bob CormanSpike the Wonder Dog20086
4231:0374.933Paul WoodardSpike the Wonder Dog20086
4332:3671.370Bob Montague45+Bike Trip/Symantec20086
4433:0070.505Wolfgang Timm40+Western Wheelers20086
4538:4759.991Doug SimpkinsonBionicAlto Velo20086

Results for Women

123:44118.255Jennie Phillips45+Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy20086
224:28114.711Janet Martinez40+Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy20086
324:58112.414Holly Harris45+Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy20086
425:51108.572Mei XiMud 'n' Crud20086
537:0375.752Marie-Claire VacherWestern Wheelers20086