Low-Key Hillclimbs Aggregate Results:
Montara Mountain

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2013, week 8 photo
2013 week 8: Lisa Penzel climbs to the top woman's time (Cara Coburn)

Results are listed here from the Low-Key archives, sorted by time for each climb. Some years start and/or finish time differ slightly, such as with Kings Mt Road where after 1995 the start moved from Entrance Way to Greer. Results are ranked by time first, score second. Score is calculated using a simple percent-of-median-speed formula, with time adjustments for division. These scores will generally differ from those calculated in the results for that particular year, since the scoring scheme has evolved. Tandems are split between 1998, when they were counted as single participants, and other years, when the individual riders have been counted separately

Results for Male Runner

127:53120.186Gary GellinSr's & Mr's of No Mercy20138
230:33109.731Sean Handel20138
338:5186.285Kyle RudolphRunner?Team CVC20138
439:0185.894Stephen Wilcox Runner20138
544:4590.346Casey RobertsRunnerTeam CVC20138
655:3560.301Bill BushnellHorsLow-Key20138

Results for Men

124:09138.757David Collet40+Pen Velo/Pomodoro20138
224:14138.298Keith Hillier25+Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy20138
326:22127.108Carl Nielson50+Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy20138
426:32126.331Rob Nast50+20138
527:00124.097Bill Laddish40+Team CVC20138
627:35121.511Stefano Profumo35+Bike Trip/Symantec20138
727:52120.257Paul McKenzie55+Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy20138
829:13114.732Miro Miklos30+20138
929:20114.268Daryl Spano45+San Jose Bike Club20138
1029:46112.600Alexander Komlik45+San Jose Bike Club20138
1130:06111.362Ben Weir30+Western Wheelers20138
1230:20110.496Ross Tinline50+Pen Velo/Pomodoro20138
1330:36109.541Brandon Smith25+Team CVC20138
1430:46108.954John Koslosky45+Team CVC20138
1530:50108.676Bruce Gardner40+Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy20138
1631:32106.261Todd Studenicka45+San Jose Bike Club20138
1732:04104.539Lucas Pereira40+Google20138
1832:09104.265Mark King45+Equipe Flamme Rouge20138
1933:22100.436Paul Chuck55+Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy20138
2033:25100.286Bart Niechwiej35+Google20138
2133:29100.077David Stockwell55+San Jose Bike Club20138
2233:31100.000Peter Ingram55+Steely Man20138
2333:3199.988Kevin Comerford35+Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy20138
2433:4399.384Ramon Periquet50+Team CVC20138
2533:4499.351Bob ScottMale 40+Pen Velo/Pomodoro20138
2633:5998.619Daniel Connelly45+Low-Key20138
2734:1098.105Daniel Aminzade30+Google20138
2834:4696.411Michael Busha30+Diablo20138
2935:3694.158Doug Reynolds60+Nightriders20138
3037:0490.427Jeff Shute35+Google20138
3138:4286.605Frank Paysen50+autonomous masochist20138
3238:5086.306Richard ContrerasRhus20138
3339:1285.489Franz Kelsch65+Nightriders20138
3439:2285.128Boris FoelschWeak But WillingSr's & Mr's of No Mercy20138
3540:3582.589Stephen Fong0CyclePath Racing20138
3640:4982.103Frank Drobot60+Team Djament20138
3743:0477.826Trevor ColletJunior 13Pen Velo/Pomodoro20138
3843:3676.884Mark Powers55+Pen Velo/Pomodoro20138
3944:0775.978Stephen Wilcox20138
4050:3566.259Alec Proudfoot50+DaSH20138

Results for Women

136:12111.685Lisa Penzel45+The Brown Zone20138
237:32107.707Janet Martinez/Gardner45+Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy20138
341:3697.206Trish Pacheco45+Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy20138
442:5294.337Holly HarrisWomen 50+Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy20138
542:5494.245Kate Bergeron40+Diablo20138