"All the News that Fits, we Print" Saturday, 1997 Weather

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08 Oct 1997 :
The photos are complete! They look even better in print!
07 Oct 1997 :
The first set of Gary's photos are posted! Check 'em out! Prints will be on sale during upcoming hillclimbs!

04 Oct 1997 :
A record turnout resulted in the first-ever two-wave start at a Low-Key Hillclimb. Tracy Colwell and Alison Buxton obliterated the 1996 winning times on the climb (Tracy's time being the all-time LKHC best) to lead the 190 rider field. Results are available here.
27 Sept 1997 :
Kevin and Giorgio's Guide to Coordinators is now on-line!
20 Sept 1997 :
BICI BIKE of San Jose has generously contributed a million lira prizelist to each the men's and women's overall standings in the 1997 Low-Key Hillclimbs! Get more info here!

16 Sept 1997 :
The Low-Key Hillclimb flier is now on-line! If your prefer, there is also a Postscript version available! Print it out and give copies to your friends or drop them off at your favorite shop!

14 Sept 1997 :
Low-Key just reached agreement with Peninsula Velo, the group behind the annual San Bruno Mountain Hillclimb! Once again, those completing 5 of the 9 official Low-Key Hillclimbs will receive $5 off pre-reg on this New Years Day event! Low-Key Hillclimbers notched wins in several categories, including overall male and female, in 1997 -- come out and help us make our presence felt again in '98! This is an excellent way to get a taste of USCF racing in the NCNCA. Thanks to Linelle Betts and the rest of Pen Velo for this mutually beneficial deal.
08 Sept 1997 :
The automated release form generator is now on-site! Come to the climbs with your release form signed and sealed (actually -- don't seal it, it's just sounds better to say "and sealed") and glide through registration!
07 Sept 1997 :
The new T-shirt reservation system is now on-line. This works best with a Javascript-enabled browser but will still function with others .

06 Sept 1997 :
Gary Rather Photography announced plans to be at the Montebello climb on 4 Oct to shoot the action!!! Photos will be available for sale in following climbs or through his web site!

01 Sept 1997 :
The Times goes on-line!
Low-Key is proud to announce Voler Apparel will again be sponsoring one of our events! Voler supplies jersey to Alto Velo, national collegiate champion Stanford Cycling, San Jose Bike Club, and many other top clubs in the Bay area.