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2007 Low-Key Hillclimbs

Scoring details

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Scoring in the Low-Key Hillclimbs is simple!

individual scores

For each event, a rider receives a score equal to 100 times the ratio of the median time for his/her gender and his/her time up the hill. For example, if there's 41 riders, and the 21st rider gets a time of 40 minutes, and your time is 50 minutes, you get a score of 100 * (40/50) = 80 points.

At the end of the series, your overall score is calculated as the sum of your five best scores from the nine weeks: you get four throw-aways. These throwaways become available at weeks two, four, six, and eight, so after three weeks, for example, it's top two scores.

And of course, to get a score, you need to wear your helmet. Sorry, kids!

team scores

Team scores are calculated using the top three riders in each team for a given week. Overall team score is calculated using the same number of weeks as individual overall scores.

One complication: any team volunteers in a given week score, for the purposes of overall team score only, their average score in all weeks in which they participate as a rider. This rule, "The Heller Rule", prevents teams from being penalized for having riders volunteer.

most improved rider

There will be a special category for "most improved" rider. This is determined using the slope of a regression of the natural log of the score, versus the week number, for riders with at least four scores at the end of the series, or a pro-rated number of, weeks during the series, with a reduction in the required number of weeks for volunteers.

endurance competition

There will be a special ranking for riders who have accumulated the most total climbing time during the series, acknowledging their superior demonstration of endurance


Dan Connelly