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Morrison Canyon
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Results are posted!


For Morrison Canyon, we are spreading the period that we're accepting times over four days, Thursday through Sunday! If you are able, we suggest you do your hillclimb on Thursday or Friday when there is likely to be less traffic than on the weekend. Thank you.

Frank Paysen Contour Frame
Frank Paysen Contour Frame, 2014

results?Right here!
distance1.72 miles (2.77 km)
climbing840 ft (256 meters)
where?See below
when?21-22 Nov 2020
what timeAnytime from Thursday to Sunday, 6 a.m. - 4 p.m
how much?free!
why?Ask not why; just do!
Bay area winds
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Morrison Canyon is a wonderful little climb in Fremont which in a normal year wouldn't really be suitable for Low-Key. But the special self-ride ITT format this year offers us the unique opportunity to do this. Morrison Canyon is steep and narrow, bumpy and beautiful, and short.

The lower half is closed to automobile traffic, but there is sparse pedestrian and bike traffic (give the pedestrians right-of-way!). At about km 1.95, you come to a tee where the road is closed to auto traffic. Pass between posts and bear left and upward. Now there is some automobile traffic to Vargas Plateau Regional Park as well as from the farms and ranches, but usually this traffic is light. Climb past the park entrance and when the road becomes level and even descends a little, you're done! It's fun to continue forcefully to the dead end of the road, but that part doesn't count. Be courteous to any traffic you encounter and yield if necessary. On the descent, be careful not to interfere with cyclists coming up! Picking a good descending line on this bumpy surface is a little tedious.

As of this writing, all Ultra Low-Key Hillclimbs 2020 will be Self-Ride Individual Time Trials. You may climb anytime between 6 a.m. on Saturday and 3 p.m. on Sunday (except for Thanksgiving Hamilton, which will be handled separately). Come to the start alone, ride alone, do not draft anyone or allow anyone to draft you. Don't gather in groups. If there is another participant at the start before you, wait 3 minutes after that person starts before you go. Good luck!

Rule 1 is be safe and stay healthy!

Join the Strava Low-Key Hillclimbers Club to get your time recorded "automatically". Or message/email your time to Andy or Frank, or post it on Facebook LKHC group.

The Facebook LKHC group is also a good place to get the latest announcements and discussions.


Cover your head, not your ears...

Sorry, folks! We require all riders wear helmets during the climb, and we follow the USA Cycling rule against ear buds or other head phones. Rock to tunes before the climb, perhaps, but we need riders to pay attention to what's happening during the climb...

The Low-Key Way

Low-Key is all about a group of friends riding up a hill together. It's like any other informal group ride, except we time you to the top and report the results on our web site. But we have no road closures, no lead vehicle, no follow vehicle. We are traffic, sharing the roads with other traffic, following the laws and courtesy which applies to traffic. This includes riding to the right of the road when practicable, and not crossing double yellows to pass riders or to get through corners faster. We're each responsible for our own actions out there, on and off the bike, both as users of the road as as courteous visitors to the neighborhoods we pass through. "Ceci n'est pas un race".

"Get your ass up that hill!" -- Kevin Winterfield, Fovnder
Dan Connelly /// Frank Paysen