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Week 1: Montebello Road Hillclimb Results

Low-Key HillClimb Series Results:
Climb #1 - Montebello Road
distance = 5.2 miles; net climbing = 2020'

Start: start of steep grade at start of Montebello Road.
Finish: 10 meters before gate at top of paved surface.
Format: mass-start
Rider                Club                S   Category            Time
Kurreck, Tim         Alto Velo/ALEVE     m   34                  00:28:30
Connelly, Dan        Stanford/Wheelsmith m   4                   00:28:43
Womer, David         Alto Velo/ALEVE     m   3                   00:29:49
Fox, Kevin           Alto Velo/ALEVE     m   35+                 00:30:50
Bergstend, Don       Team Extreme        m   30+                 00:31:28
Willin, Jamie        Olympic Club        m   35+                 00:31:30
Saenz, Alfred        Valley Cyclery      m   Easy Men            00:31:40
Stern, Laura         NA                  w   W                   00:31:42
Liou, Chris                              m   None                00:31:55
Lafferty, Greg       GCC                 m   Family Men          00:32:18
Endo, Jeff           NA                  m   None                00:32:57
Gatch, Rod           San Jose BicycleC   m   Slow                00:33:49
Linford, Gary        Alto Velo/ALEVE     m   None                00:33:52
McCleary, Tom        Colored Spokes      m   Colored Spokes      00:34:31
Blake, Susie         NA                  w   None                00:35:08
Blair, Steve         Alto Velo/ALEVE     m   Slow Old Men        00:35:15
Emmel, John          NA                  m   None                00:35:38
McDermand, Bob       San Jose BicycleC   m   50+                 00:36:17
Miller, Ed           No Team             m   55+                 00:36:19
Leary, Brendan       Alto Velo/ALEVE     m   Fat, Old Grey, Ugly 00:36:35
Rodamaker, Mark      Alto Velo/ALEVE     m   Grandfather         00:36:49
Blake, John          NA                  m   Men                 00:37:16
McCleary, Jackie     No Team             w   None                00:37:31
Haughey, Jim         NA                  m   Self-employed       00:37:47
McKinley, Paul       GAN                 m   NAHH                00:38:33
Fisher, David        NA                  m   Fat, Old Grey, Ugly 00:38:46
Petroski, Pete       WW                  m   Beyond              00:39:15
Alafouzos, John      Team Adventure      m   Mtb                 00:40:00
Lawrence, Jeff       Reno Wheelman       m   None                00:40:28
Clem, Mark           Santa Clara Univr   m   Overweight          00:40:40
Bone, Richard        WW                  m   28 year old English 00:40:56
Baker, James         Alto Velo/ALEVE     m   Family Men          00:41:02
Hutchinson, Marcia   Alto Velo/ALEVE     w   3                   00:42:45
McGill, Mary         LMHH                w   None                00:44:31
Gilbert, Rory        NA                  m   Even more at the Bo 00:44:56
Hogg, Andrew         NA                  m   Way at the Bottom   00:47:41
Bunting, George      NA                  m   Slow Old Men        00:47:49
Titel, Barbara       NA                  w   Slow Old Women      00:48:33
Everman, Tom         NA                  m   Family Men          00:48:37
Butts, Fred          WW                  m   7                   00:49:59
Haas, Diane          NA                  w   Not sure            00:55:03
Burwald, Matt        Cactus              m   None                00:55:03
Caragio, Mark        MAPEI CLAS          m   Domestique          00:55:03