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Week 2: Kings Mountain Road Hillclimb Results

Low-Key HillClimb Series Results:
Climb #2 - Kings Mountain, Woodside, CA
distance = 4.2 miles; net climbing = 1570'

Start: start of steep grade past Greer Road and Kings Mountain Rd.
Finish: intersection of Kings Mountain Road and Skyline Blvd.
Format: mass-start
Rider               Club                  S Category             Time
Connelly, Dan       Stanford/Wheelsmith   m 4                    00:21:35
Hertenstein, Tom    Stanford/Wheelsmith   m 4                    00:22:13
Willin, Jamie       Olympic Club          m 35+                  00:22:20
Kitta, Geo          Penn Velo             m Masters 1/2          00:22:33
"Anders, Brad"      Alto Velo/ALEVE       m Overworked           00:22:52
Herms, Richard      Team Adventure        m 35+                  00:24:25
Johnson, Kelly      Alto Velo/ALEVE       m Old Fart             00:24:26
Chase, Geoff        Team Valley           m Flu like symptoms    00:24:36
Gatch, Rod          San Jose Bicycle Club m 44+                  00:25:07
Sialm, Philippe     NA                    m Visitor from Europe  00:25:24
Axelrod, Valery     Western Wheelers      m 35                   00:25:32
Wong, Leo           NA                    m 5                    00:25:43
Blair, Steve        Alto Velo/ALEVE       m Slow Old Men         00:25:57
Anderson, Mark      Alto Velo/ALEVE       m 5                    00:26:24
Miller, Ed          No Team               m 55+                  00:26:47
Wilder, Mike        San Jose Bicycle Club m 40+                  00:27:06
Rodamaker, Mark     Alto Velo/ALEVE       m Grandfather          00:27:23
Alafouzos, John     Team Adventure        m Mtb                  00:27:31
Leary, Brendan      Alto Velo/ALEVE       m Fat, Old Grey, Ugly  00:27:38
McDermand, Bob      San Jose Bicycle Club m 50+                  00:27:46
Haughey, Jim        Western Wheelers      m Self-employed        00:27:55
Elgart,Linda        Alto Velo/ALEVE       w Women almost 40      00:28:17
Bone, Richard       Western Wheelers      m 28 year old Englishm 00:28:27
Fisher, David       NA                    m Fat, Old Grey, Ugly  00:28:37
Petroski, Pete      Western Wheelers      m Beyond               00:28:58
Clem, Mark          Santa Clara Universit m Overweight           00:29:05
Reddy, Achut        Alto Velo/ALEVE       m 4                    00:30:31
Maurer, Joseph      Apple                 m 44+                  00:30:44
Hurkmans, Henry     Fremont Freewheelers  m 4                    00:30:57
Herms, Cheryl       Team Adventure        w Slow                 00:31:05
Chency, Brittain    NA                    m 5                    00:31:30
Baker, James        agirone  NA           b Mixed Tandem         00:34:23
Sonck, Stef         NA                    m Philosophers         00:34:44
Thorpe, Crystal     Western Wheelers      w Philosophers         00:34:52
Kaplan, Jonathan    Western Wheelers      m Philosophers         00:35:54
Casseres, David     NA                    m Old Fart             00:36:02
Titel, Barbara      NA                    w Slow Old Women       00:36:02
Bunting, George     NA                    m Slow Old Men         00:36:02
Watson, Sterling    Western Wheelers      m <50 miles per week   00:36:02