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The 1995 Low-Key Hillclimb series is history!
Final results are in!!!

The following pages are of interest regarding the series:

Schedule with links to results:

      Date       Hill          ref   Coordinator
    ---------  ----------      ---   -----------
      10/07      Montebello     S    Kev Winterfield, AV
      10/14      Kings Mtn      S    Kev Winterfield, AV
      10/21      Page Mill      S    Clarke Stanley
      10/29      Old La Honda   S    Clarke Stanley
      11/04      Mt Diablo      N    Valley Spokesmen Racing Team
                                     Ken Hernandez
      11/11      Mt Tam         N    Jeff Bell, AV
      11/18      Hwy 9 (E)      S    Dan Connelly,
      11/23      Mt Hamilton    S    Turkey Day Annual HillClimb
      12/02      Bohlman        -    Gary Lee, SJBC
      12/09      Quimby         S    Ming Dong, AV
      12/16      Henry Coe      S    Gary Lee, SJBC
                 (E Dunne Ave)
      12/23      Sierra Road      S    Ming Dong, AV

      reference key
      N : road(s) profiled in Roads to Ride, by Peterson
          and Anderson; Heyday Books 1984
      S : road(s) profiled in Roads to Ride South, by
          Peterson and Kluge; Heyday Books 1985

In addition, see Craig Kolb's SF Bay Area Climbs; it has information on current best times and hill profiles.