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Lomas Cantadas + Marin Ave

Week 7x of the 2013 Low-Key Hillclimb Series

The top of Marin Ave, at Grizzly Peak (Paul Chuck)



A dedicated group of climbers, many led by the intrepid tandem team of Paul and Paul, continued on from the Low-Key post-ride festivities at the top of Lomas Cantadas to tackleone of the most challenging urban miles in the US: Marin Ave in Berkeley. As of this writing, 13 Low-Keyers have uploaded their data to the Low-Key site, and and at least two others completed the route. Every one of these riders wins the 7X challenge. The experience of cresting Euclid on Marin Ave to see the final, three steepest blocks of the eleven-block climb is truly memorable, far more memorable than the result of any computer calculations.

That said, it was Janet Gardner and David Collet coming out at the head of the standings in the men's and women's solo divisions for the challenge, Janet brilliantly powering her way up the final block to Grizzly Peak, David riding earlier. Meanwhile Paul and Paul, riding the intimidating grades of Marin Ave on their tandem, amazed all present with their accomplishment, winning the tandem division and leading Sisters and Misters of No Mercy to the team win.

But really, to have ridden Marin less quickly just means to have suffered it longer. The goal was in the doing, and to that end, everyone here succeeded.

As the tandem group was mercifully finishing it's assault on Marin Ave, Bill Bushnell arrived in his hybrid-electric recumbent. Proving the large machine has no problems with extreme grades, Bill produced an impressive 4:25 time to cement the lead in the hybrid-electric division.

Please check out the split scores for this week's climb, including block-by-block times up Marin, as well as splits on Lomas Cantadas earlier.

Other riders completing the course

  1. Bernard Demai has separate activities on Garmin Connect: Lomas Cantadas and Marin Ave.
  2. Marty Hyland also completed this challenging route but his data were split: Lomas Cantadas and Marin Ave.
Congratulations to each of these riders for having successfully completed the challenge!!!


KOM special mention qualifiers indicated with orange background. Discarded scores are crossed out. Volunteer weeks are indicated with V. Ride credit weeks are indicated with RC. V and RC weeks are equivalent for scoring.

pl # name team cat time mph fph score
1 209 Janet Gardner Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy 45+ 31:41.47 6.29 3495 108.08

reference time for division Women = 35:12.04

pl # name team cat time mph fph score
1 49 David Collet Pen Velo/Pomodoro 40+ 22:02.96 9.03 5023 123.05
2 409 Bill Laddish Team CVC 40+ 22:42.43 8.77 4878 120.40
3 108 Todd Markelz Google 35+ 24:22.70 8.17 4543 114.24
4 1 Daniel Connelly Low-Key 45+ 24:42.23 8.06 4484 113.12
5 605 Steve Fielding   45+ 24:57.16 7.98 4439 112.28
6 710 Jameison Martin   30:25.22 6.55 3641 96.97
7 326 Jeff Shute Google 35+ 30:42.49 6.49 3607 96.30
8 405 Bruce Gardner Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy 40+ 38:32.57 5.17 2874 81.39
9 71 Stephen Fong CyclePath Racing 0 38:38.32 5.16 2867 81.24

reference time for division Men = 29:10.88

pl # name team cat time mph fph score
1 410 Paul McKenzie Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy 55+ 28:16.44 7.05 3917 102.37
46 Paul Chuck Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy 55+

Hybrid Electric
pl # name team cat time mph fph score
1 6 Bill Bushnell Low-Key Hors 14:39.00 13.60 7560 111.43

reference time for division Hybrid Electric = 16:57.36

pl team score riders
1 Sr's & Mr's of No Mercy 312.81 Janet Gardner, Bruce Gardner, Paul McKenzie, Paul Chuck
2 Low-Key 224.55 Daniel Connelly, Bill Bushnell
3 Google 210.53 Jeff Shute, Todd Markelz
4 Pen Velo/Pomodoro 123.05 David Collet
5 Team CVC 120.40 Bill Laddish
6 CyclePath Racing 81.24 Stephen Fong